70-74 E and 71-74 B Body

Automatic to Manual Console Conversion Template Instructions

Tools required:
  1. Make small holes in the template where its marked with the 2 dots using the tip of a pen or pencil.
  2. Remove the 2 screws from the driver's side of the console (the ones that screw into the side horizontally)
  3. Mount the template to the console using the two screws removed in step 2. Go through the two holes that you made in the template. The "F" on the template will be visible and towards the front of the console.
  4. The lower edge of the template shows the area which needs to be cut off of the console. The shaded edges of the template toward the front and back mark places where the template is coincident with edges that exist on the console prior to cutting. Use these to help align the template ends and then mark the console as shown by the lower edge of the template.
  5. Remove the template and cut the console where it was marked. A hacksaw blade works well for straight cuts and a coping saw can be used for the curves. Work slowly and file the edges when done.

Note: These instructions are intended to be used with the template for modifying a 70-74 E or 71-74 B body automatic console for use with a manual transmission. These will modify the lower console plastic so that it clears the shifter boot and floor tunnel. The resulting cut matches a factory manual transmission console.

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