71 Plymouth RoadRunner 383/AT - SOLD


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We bought this car in '85 with about 42k on it. At the time, it came with the 1972 California plates pictured below in one of the interior shots. The car came from California to Colorado Springs, CO and got involved in an accident (right front). The car sat until '85 when we bought it. It lost the original carb, horn, alternator, and 2 wheels while it sat. The car was still wearing one of the original F70-14 Polyglas GT's when we bought it. We replaced the RH front sheetmetal/trim with new parts from the dealer in '86 (fender, header panel, front valance, center grill, and RH headlight bezel). The only evidence of that accident is damage to the RH inner fender (see pics below). No frame damage at all. It aligns fine and drives perfectly.

The paint job is a driver quality paint job (orange peel). This was painted in '86 with hardened Ditzler enamel. Some dings and chips are present. The only rust repair required at the time was a 1" diameter hole in the front edge of the roof due to the old vinyl top trapping water. All bodywork from that paint job could easily be redone with less than pint of filler. This car is NOT loaded with filler and is VERY solid.

The LH driver's fender has some "elbow dents" in the top of it from someone working on the car (not me!). The RH door is also a little wavy. Some damage occurred to it from the original accident, and it was pulled out before we bought it. There is no filler there... it was never finished correctly prior to painting.

Fendertag codes

Additional option codes from the broadcast sheet

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NOTE: Some pics show a lighter color in the paint. Its the camera's fault. There's no discoloration like that in the paint anywhere.
Elbow dents
Fender front damage
Wavy door
RH inner fender damage
Original windshield
Stripe wrinkles
Backrest tear
Carpet tear
No hinge area rust!
Inner fender damage
No bottle jack dents
Tranny stamp
Engine Stamp
Radiator support stamp
Cowl stamp
521 Restorations
Fort Collins, Colorado